Top 3 Green Hotels Of The World

The top green hotels of the world have been listed below to help you get an idea about the beautiful array of how great the eco-culture has come to be and how such hotels can offer a wonderful honeymoon or an adrenaline-filled vacation for all kinds of people within their budget.

Adrere Amellal Desert Ecolodge in Egypt

At this green hotel, electric lights are replaced with beeswax candles and the beautiful desert nights stand in for the air-conditioning. This beautiful ecolodge was hand-built utilizing a combination of clay, water, salt, stone, and mixes in the shade of a big yellow rock mountain. Apart from the modern bathrooms of the lodge and the local and comfortably made beds, the huts looks like it hasn’t gone through any changes in the past few years. You can leave modernity behind when you are dining on the delicious and local organic veggies and fruit. You will learn the importance of going to bed early and waking up at dawn while you are at this lodge!

Six Senses in Vietnam

Six Senses offers great care to its guests, its neighbors, and the environment when the hotel has been built. The hotel contributes a part of its mineral water sales towards constructing a clean water supply for local schools, purchases its food from various local vendors, and it works in coordination with suppliers who share the same views as the hotel on sustainability. The hotel has been built on the concept of maximum airflow, decreasing the need for ACs. There are bikes available at the hotel for sightseeing. The private atmosphere and the attractive crystalline pools seal the deal for a memorable visit at Six Senses.

Tierra Patagonia in Chile

Tierra Patagonia is an eco-friendly hotel for adventurists who are very concerned about the environment. The setup of the hotel requires absolutely no need for air-conditioning in the summer and no heating in the winter. The soft curves of the hotel’s construction provide an attractive look. The best contribution that the hotel makes to the environment is that it plants a tree for every single visitor that it obtains which helps the efforts of reforestation after the grand forest fire in January 2012.